“My encounter with Yazoo Recruitment

Having started my career in the call centre financial services industry almost a decade ago, I have realised that through hard work, commitment and tenacity I was fortunate to experience accelerated career growth. The industry as with most however was saturated and breaking out of the mould in wanting to pursue a different career path proved somewhat challenging and this is where it was critical for me to keep a calm disposition and have a clear direction when mapping my career path. This is where I sought professional assistance.

As a young fresh faced adult I encountered a dynamic, energetic and professional recruitment agency, namely Yazoo Recruitment and immediately I was introduced to the managing director, Karolyn Hawker. From the onset I was made to feel comfortable and I was stretched to provide the most accurate account of what I envisaged the route of my career path to take. From that moment on I was provided with expertise I had never imagined and I was able to walk away with a wealth of knowledge.

Nearly 7 years later, I have never forgotten the advice and the intense interview process I underwent, I know today that in part my encounter with Karolyn shaped the way I approached my career. Karolyn has mastered the art of providing direct feedback in an constructive and meaningful way and the best advice that I have ever received from her is that ‘There are no right choices instead just choices’ and those words echo every time I am faced with making a rough decision albeit personal or professional.

The process was the part I enjoyed the most. The online assessment really encouraged me to showcase my MS Office skills and the interview that followed made me feel like I was not just another number walking into an agency but that I was an individual whose specific needs were looking to be fulfilled.

I have always believed that ‘looking for a job’ is in fact a full-time job and it is only through life experience that one realises that it a lesson that no one can teach you but one that has to be experienced by the individual. The reason why I believe I was fortunate is that with meeting Karolyn and the team, I walked away with a partner that had my best intentions at heart and wanted to make sure that I secure employment where my personality and skills would be best suited.

I encourage any prospective job seeker to visit Yazoo and get to experience the friendly, passionate and highly experienced team. The most fulfilling experience when searching for employment (where confidence levels may be tested) is meeting a person like Karolyn, who radiates with passion shows that her minimum standard is treating you like an individual and not a commodity!”