“It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation today.

I am truly grateful that I chose Yazoo Recruitment as my agency of choice in 2010, when I initially applied for a position in the short term insurance industry. I thought by luck my application will be successful coming from the banking industry.

I really had luck of the luck in finding a consultant like Karolyn, someone that motivated me to reach my full potential. I remember going for my first interview at her client, and I was unsuccessful based on not having the required 30 FAIS credits. At that stage I was despondent and thought it was just another excuse for not getting the job… and I went for several other interviews prior to contacting Yazoo Recruitment that were unsuccessful, so I just about had enough.

Karolyn motivated me to obtain the required basic requirements and get back to her so she could apply again. On a regular basis she followed up on my progress and within 6 months I obtained my accreditation. I was amazed by Karolyn’s perseverance which made me feel even more eager to succeed.

As promised she scheduled me for another interview which was successful and my career at the company began in Oct 2010.

The above was really going the extra mile and having an influence on an individual’s life that will in turn have a positive impact on his/her career which should be enough, this was more than enough.

A few months passed and the follow up’s continued, asking how I was and if everything was well with the Job etc. I always appreciated this element of our “relationship”.

I also just felt it was my duty to inform Karolyn of my achievements to emphasize what impact her motivation had in my career and, at times, I felt that I may be irritating her with all my emails since it was now over a year, but no, it was always a positive response from her, happy as I was for what I have achieved.

I am still at the company, just in a different environment, and I would like to thank her once again, 3 years later, for an opportunity, the commitment and motivation and being a part of my journey. Her efforts will always be appreciated and because of dealing with Karolyn, I would recommend Yazoo in future and definitely must be through you: Karolyn Hawker.”