“With so many recruitment agencies in and around Cape Town my job hunting experience became a daunting task. Over the last months I’ve emailed my CV to no less than 100 staffing agencies. ‘We’re Different’. Almost every agency I dealt with says they have a special/unique process for reviewing resumes, sourcing candidates, and access to candidates that sets them apart from their competitors.

From my experience I’ve not really seen the impact of their ‘unique’ process because they were never available to interview me nor made any effort recruiting me. In fact too many agencies treated me as someone to work around than to work with. Until I met Karolyn from Yazoo Recruitment!

Within hours Karolyn contacted me and we talked about my recruiting process and my expectations. Karolyn assessed my motivation to move, to ensure that I move for the right reasons. Karolyn was thorough and left no stone unturned in my screening process for the benefit of me and her client.

I was particularly impressed by Karolyn’s great care, tact, diplomacy and ethical and professional manner that seemed to come so perfectly natural to her.

‘Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Karolyn from Yazoo Recruitment. Any candidate would be lucky to have Karolyn as their recruiter.”