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Zama Gumede

Good day Lourie, I do want to express my appreciation on the excellent work ethic consistency through out this whole process. Even if I do not get this position, I am amazed and have gained insight on how important it is to show professionalism on not just clients but on everyone you correspond with because it gives a reflection on the company as a whole. We as job seekers hardly receive any form of correspondence or update from recruitment agencies on the position you have applied for through them, Yazoo Recruitment Specialists has been the best in all categories in my whole process of applying for jobs; I confidently will recommend the agency to anyone in the job hunting process. May the patience you have shown to me, even when I was wrong, be seen by others. I truly thank you Lourie for the effort you put in the work you do. I am truly amazed. Yours faithfully, Zama Gumede