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“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lourie du Preez at Yazoo Recruitment for the excellent job that he is doing.

For many of us that have a strong desire to chase our dreams, it is a great pleasure to know that there is a person like Lourie to help make our goals and aspirations come true. Lourie epitomizes the attributes most highly prized in his chosen career – He listens, he cares and he tries to find the perfect fit for you with a company that appreciates your talents and affords you the opportunity to grow. And once an opportunity has been identified, Lourie works tirelessly with you to ensure that you are fully prepared. He provides extensive knowledge of the people with whom you’ll be speaking, the history of the organization, their values and what they seek in an ideal candidate.

Most importantly, one can trust Lourie. He’s not simply trying to fill an open position. His efforts on one’s behalf are designed to find a valued communion that benefits both the individual and business.

If you’re seeking a new beginning, I urge you to speak to Lourie du Preez at Yazoo Recruitment. The business world and the enticing opportunities that come with it are ours to explore – it’s a lot less scary when you have a person like Lourie helping lead the way.

Once again from the bottom of my heart thank you Lourie for all your help.”

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