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“I first met Lourie about a year ago when I was looking for a new job as I was not completely satisfied with the salary and benefits that I was getting. Even though my field of expertise is HR, I also applied for some corporate PA positions. That is how Lourie and I met.

He interviewed me for the PA position that his client had available, but somewhere in the middle of the interview, Lourie said to me that he could allow someone like me, who is passionate about people and my HR field, to be down-graded to a position such as what I was applying for. However, he mentioned that he would keep me in mind for something that he feels is more applicable to my capabilities.

Almost a year later, he contacted me with such an amazing opportunity to become an HR Manager of a corporate company. This was all thanks to a little bit of charm and great negotiation skills that he possesses, I managed to get the offer that I desired as well as the position.

Throughout the entire process (1.5 months) of waiting for feedback from the potential employer, Lourie kept following up with them and kept me in the loop of each and every detail. He motivated me with his positive character in such a way that I never once felt like losing hope in this potential job offer.

I will most certainly keep him first on my list of recruiters for any future placements that I might need to make, as I know that he delivers service excellence.

I would highly recommend him as a recruiter as well as an Accounts Executive.”


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